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US-2010204248-A1: Medicaments and methods for inhibition of non-ocular scarring patent, US-201033-A: Improvement in lumber-driers patent, US-2011091183-A1: Information processing apparatus and data transfer method patent, US-2011144920-A1: Method, system and device for enhancing flow field data patent, US-2011256652-A1: Method for forming a transducer patent, US-2011282672-A1: Distributed voice browser patent, US-2011284480-A1: Integrated System for Monitoring Permeate Quality in Water Treatment Facilities patent, US-2011291224-A1: Efficient pitch multiplication process patent, US-2011294282-A1: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2011316866-A1: Codec control patent, US-2011845-A: Flexible pocket receptacle patent, US-2012010264-A1: Novel medicament for treating cognitive impairment patent, US-2012035130-A1: Chirally Correct Retinal Cyclodextrin Acetals for Clarifying Skin Complexion patent, US-2012068138-A1: Optical storage medium comprising two nonlinear layers patent, US-2012102258-A1: Dynamic memory affinity reallocation after partition migration patent, US-2012123024-A1: Amine functional adducts and curable compositions comprising same patent, WO-0169357-A1: Anionizer for personal computers patent, US-2012141919-A1: Fuel cell electrode and method for manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly using the same patent, US-2012163781-A1: Fluid heater patent, US-2012172834-A1: Tissue sampling, processing and collection device and method of using same patent, US-2012178754-A1: Furazano '3, 4-B! Pyrazines and Their Use as Anti-Tumor Agents patent, US-2012214841-A1: Solid forms of n-[2,4-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-5-hydroxyphenyl]-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxamide patent, US-2012222419-A1: Turbocharger having balance valve, wastegate, and common actuator patent, US-2012233113-A1: Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a standardized interpretive engine patent, US-2012233277-A1: Apparatus And Method For Provisioning Wireless Data Communication Devices patent, US-2012251559-A1: Treatment of B-Cell Cancers With Anti-CD70 Antibody-Drug Conjugates patent, US-2012258420-A1: dispensing device for a dental material and a method of filling the device patent, US-2012260885-A1: Water lubricated composite piston engine patent, US-2012272867-A1: Ceramic Honeycomb Structure Skin Coating patent, US-2012293766-A1: Foldable Sunglasses patent, US-2012293996-A1: Multi-adjustable replacement led lighting element patent, US-2012325579-A1: Sound barriers made from scrap and waste materials patent, US-2013007594-A1: Methods and systems for proxy voting patent, US-2013043656-A1: Pipe Joint Gasket and Method of Using Same patent, US-2013048578-A1: Water Bottle with Pressurized Pump Filtration System patent, US-2013096541-A1: Steerable laser probe patent, US-2013113998-A1: Device for outputting luminance signal patent, US-2013118900-A1: Cartridge and system for manipulating samples in liquid droplets patent, US-2013126194-A1: Sprinkler and method for testing a sprinkler patent, US-2013196400-A1: Treating biomass to produce materials useful for biofuels patent, US-2013200989-A1: Semiconductor ceramic element and method for producing same patent, US-2013228461-A1: Electrochemical biosensor electrode strip and a fabrication method thereof comprising a titanium metal layer on a carbon layer as the electrode material patent, US-2013244327-A1: RNAi Sequence-Independent Modification Formats, and Stabilized Forms Thereof patent, US-2013248808-A1: Resistance change element and nonvolatile memory device patent, US-2013255952-A1: Controlled Production and Injection patent, US-2013277955-A1: Tubular Beam with a Crimped Sleeve patent, US-2013281629-A1: New impact modifier and impact modified thermoplastic composition patent, US-2013292938-A1: External clamshell slip joint seal patent, US-2013315968-A1: Omega-3 diglyceride emulsions patent, US-2013331502-A1: Use of recycled plastics for structural building forms patent, US-2014010512-A1: Fiber optic enclosure with tear-away spool patent, US-2014022130-A1: Mobile wireless communications device having dual antenna system for cellular and wifi patent, US-2014040692-A1: Error prediction in logic and memory devices patent, US-2014058285-A1: Location and deactivation of muscles patent, US-2014063760-A1: Electronic device, manufacturing method and connection method patent, US-2014066501-A1: Anhydrous and Hemihydrate Crystalline Forms of an (R)-Baclofen Prodrug, Methods of Synthesis and Methods of Use patent, US-2014073726-A1: Resin composition and resin molded article patent, US-2014083510-A1: Electric Actuated Rotary Valve patent, US-2014091050-A1: Locking apparatus patent, US-2014106695-A1: Antenna Clustering For Multi-Antenna Aperture Selection patent, US-2014127467-A1: Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium patent, US-2014137483-A1: MorphMe Shed patent, US-2014166765-A1: Humidity adjustment device patent, US-2014171200-A1: Virtual and augmented reality patent, US-2014194666-A1: Installation for treating carbonaceous radioactive waste, particularly graphite patent, US-2014212824-A1: Systems, methods, and computer program products providing flame detection patent, US-2014245711-A1: Expanded metal and process of making the same patent, US-2014249165-A1: Purine derivatives for treatment of cystic diseases patent, US-2014309262-A1: Androgen receptor modulator for the treatment of prostate cancer and androgen receptor-associated diseases patent, US-2014360861-A1: Catalysis controlled by interfacial electric fields patent, US-2015022544-A1: Method, apparatus, and computer program product for dynamically displaying graphical and textual overlays on geospatial arrangements patent, US-2015024718-A1: Telephone network system and method patent, US-2015038900-A1: Multishape catheter patent, US-2015050000-A2: D1369 d radiation curable secondary coating for optical fiber patent, US-2015055035-A1: Apparatus and Method for Dynamically Controlling Light Transmission patent, US-2015062517-A1: Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2015096644-A1: Oil pourer with movable funnel section patent, US-2015158191-A1: Razor cartridge having comb guard patent, US-2015159935-A1: Apparatus with dehumidification and defrosting abilities and controlling method thereof patent, US-2015176079-A1: Markers for cancer patent, US-2015176890-A1: Cryogenically Treated Audio/Video Cable and Method Thereof patent, US-2010187823-A1: Fired heater patent, US-2010212686-A1: Cylinder-type cosmetic container structure patent, US-2010242885-A1: 4-stroke cycle internal combustion engine patent, US-2011065768-A1: Non-steroidal androgens compounds patent, US-2011138581-A1: Crystallization method and crystallization apparatus patent, US-2011207936-A1: Method for producing oxadiazolinone compound and intermediate thereof patent, US-2011260104-A1: Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2011318029-A1: Customer replaceable unit monitor (crum) unit, replaceable unit and image forming apparatus comprising the crum unit, and unit driving method thereof patent, US-2011320199-A1: Method and apparatus for fusing voiced phoneme units in text-to-speech patent, US-2012004387-A1: Polyarylene polymers and processes for preparing patent, US-2012072688-A1: Storage system and data restoration method thereof patent, US-2012075591-A1: Light source unit and projector patent, US-2012116161-A1: Optically guided medical tube and control unit assembly and methods of use patent, US-2012152803-A1: Increasing fuel smoke point patent, US-2012197692-A1: Credit swap in a virtual world patent, US-2012203966-A1: Storage system comprising power saving function patent, US-2012220663-A1: Solid forms of aliskiren hemifumarate and processes for preparation thereof patent, US-2012226179-A1: Implanted multichamber cardiac device with selective use of reliable atrial information patent, US-2012252017-A1: Device and method for extraction and analysis of nucleic acids from biological samples patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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